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Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards

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Don't worry if technology is failing once again. We have some frequently asked questions to help you fix your issues!

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How do I send a Christmas card?

Go to the home page and click on "Make a card". Then choose your design from the design picker, and then click "Next". Then enter a greeting and enter a message on the following sections.

Then once you've done that, you'll get an image you can share amongst your friends.

Are there any limits on the cards I make?

We don't limit how many cards you make, and you don't need to make an account to make cards.

Card greetings are limited to 32 characters - this is to stop you from using it for the wrong purposes.

Card messages aren't limited in terms of length, but anything over about 300 characters might spill into the picture behind it.

(Card messages used to be limited to 4,096 characters but they aren't any more)

How do I format my card messages?

We support a small amount of formatting, using a Markdown-like syntax:

Put bold text between four asterisks, **like this**

Put italic text between two underscores, _like this_

Put strikethrough text between four tildes, ~~like this~~

Why can't I see the "Share" button?

Unfortunately some browsers like Firefox don't support sharing things like images (although this might have changed by the time you're reading this), so this button doesn't work.

Why is there a "made with" watermark?

We add a watermark to most of our cards to try and get more traffic to our website. We've done our best to make it as unobtrusive as possible. It's OK to remove it if you really want to, but we'd much rather you didn't do that.

We don't add a watermark to cards you make yourself with the designs maker.

What happened to the legacy link-based cards?

(This is for users who previously used the old version of this site)

We had some issues with link-based cards because they looked a bit suspicious and people don't like clicking on links that look suspicious.

So we instead replaced it with images that you can download and send to people instead.

We understand that some of the cards that have been sent previously mean a lot to people so we're keeping the links working like they always did, so you'll still be able to access legacy cards.

Advent calendars

How do advent calendars work?

First, go to the advent calendars page and click 'View' underneath an advent calendar that looks nice.

On the page that opens, you will notice some numbers on some pictures. Every day in December, click/tap on an image to change it into something else!

Cards list

How do I use the cards list?

First, go to the cards list page.

To add someone to your cards list, press "Add person" to add a person. Enter the name and select which group they fall into. Do this a couple of times, until you're finished.

Click on a checkbox to mark that a person has been completed. You can press ... to let you edit or delete your person.

Is the cards list secure?

It is stored in your browser and nobody apart from you can access it (not even we can see it!).


How do I make a design?

Go to the new design page. You can find it by clicking on "designs" at the top, and then clicking the new design button.

First, you need to choose a starting point. This will go behind the stickers (which you'll add later) and is usually a blank landscape.

Then, once you've clicked on one of those, you will need to add your stickers. To the right (or, if you're on mobile, when you press the "add sticker" button), you can search for stickers and click on them to add them to your canvas.

Click on a sticker and (if you're on desktop) drag it to move it, or you can use the controls underneath.

Keep adding stickers to your canvas until you're happy with your design. Press "Next" once you're done.

Then enter the name and description of your design, and then you'll be able to make a card using the design you just made!

How do I edit a design?

Go to the designs list, find the design you want to edit and press "Edit" underneath.

On the popup that appears, choose whether you'd like to edit the name/description, the stickers/background or the text colour/position on your card.

Change what you want to change and then press "Finish editing".

Who can see my design?

Only you, people you send cards to, and people you share your design with.


Why the redesign?

Because it was time for a change, and the old site was irritating us a bit.

What browser should I use to access this site?

Preferably use a modern browser like Chrome or Edge or Firefox. It needs to have JavaScript enabled, cookies enabled and you should probably use a new(ish) computer to run that browser.

I've spotted a bug

Please contact us if you find any bugs with the website - include a good description of how the issue occurred. Don't post it on forums because we probably don't read those.