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Christmas Cards
Christmas Cards


While you use this website, we will collect your IP address for our server logs but we don't use this to identify any more of your personal data.

This website does not store your card greeting, your card message, your cards list, what theme you choose, your custom designs, your settings, etc. - all these are stored in your browser.

We don't use cookies but we do use a feature of your browser called local storage to store your data (like the cards you make and your cards list) - this is very secure and it means only those using your device can access them. We don't use this to track you on this site or across the internet.

While we do our best to protect your privacy, also make sure you're being proactive in protecting yourself: don't give your data to people claiming to be working for this site, don't enter your bank details on suspicious websites, don't click on suspicious links, etc.